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About Us

Eoszhizhutop links great project resource teams in Beijing, Hangzhou, Silicon Valley, and New York. It invests and incubates high-quality EOS-based DAPP projects, which contribute to the EOS ecology.
In 2018 alone, we have witnessed a blowout development of public blockchain. In comparison to practical applications, the fundamental blockchain operating systems are growing much faster. As recent as September 13th, the TPS performance of EOS reached 4,000 which, out of all these public chains, is the best. Zhizhu Pool holds the strong belief that EOS will dominate the operating system in the near future. This is based not only on its high performance and active community contributors, but also its human nature attaching governance mechanism. Being an active contributor to the blockchain industry, Zhizhu Pool has full resources to bring fresh power to the existing EOS community as well as all EOS related ecosystem such as DAPP developer, node server, capital and so forth.


Candidate Info

Block producer candidate name: EOS Zhizhu Pool
Company address: Haidian district, Beijing, China
Website: http://eos.zhizhu.top/
Current community: 30+ Wechat group, covering more than 15,000 blockchain enthusiasts


Community Backup Plans

1. Providing EOS bonus to all Zhizhu pool miners.
2. Providing full EOS based promotion to Zhizhu pool existing community.
3. Holding monthly based meetups to promote EOS related knowledge.
4. Expanding current EOS Zhizhu Pool communities by all means.

Technical Scaling Plan

Server configuration
Type: Alibaba Cloud ECS HangZhou
Specification: esc.d1.8xlarge
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2682v4 2.5 GHz 32 Core
RAM: 320GB
OS: CentOS 7.3 64-bit
Network: 200Mbps
Hardware expansion plan
1.Full time professional operation and maintenance team to provide 7X27 monitoring service of the node.
2.Distributed node layouts (countries like America, Japan and Singapore) to deal with all kinds of extreme situations thus achieving the stableness of node service.

Creating and innovating the new internet of value

Team Introduction

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