EOS Zhizhu Pool Ownership Disclosure

1. The background of the establishment of EOS Zhizhu Pool

With the success of EOS mainnet launching, the whole EOS community members are excited to donate their resources and capability to the enrichment of the entire ecosystem of EOS. The performance of EOS TPS has reached a record high of more than 4000 until 13th Sep, and there are thousands of DAPPs running on EOS system since the day EOS mainnet was launched.

The way Block one and BM manage EOS is decentralized which allows community members more opportunities to participant in the governance, operation and marketing of the EOS mainnet. Block producers have more power to share EOS value to existing and potential communities, meanwhile they can bring adequate technical resources not only to maintain the EOS node, but also to the development of EOS based practical applications which in a long term will enhance performance of EOS system and push forward the whole blockchain industry’s development.

The EOS Zhizhu Pool team members are all blockchain enthusiast with many years experiences in blockchain industry. Being committed to the industry, EOS Zhizhu Pool has witnessed ups and downs of the cryptocurrency price as well as the blossom of blockchain technology. From what we experienced in years, we have all reasons to believe the people’s attention will finally transfer from cryptocurrencies’ price, and ICOS and speculations to the practical usages of blockchain technology to change people’s life. After years’ developing and evolving, EOS has provided unpredictable possibilities for the popularization of blockchain technology.

Based on the belief, EOS Zhizhu Pool is started. We strongly believe that the resources we obtain will create great value to EOS community. Better late than never. EOS Zhizhu Pool has full confidence to provide better service for the EOS ecosystem.

2. The core values of EOS Zhizhu Pool

A. Professional

EOS Zhizhu Pool will provide accurate focuses on the EOS technology, ecology, community as well as DAPPs; provide professional services to technical guidance for community developers, legal governance and ecological philosophy and credibility maintenance of block producers.

B. Dedicated

EOS Zhizhu Pool is dedicated to node service. As professional node server, we set us in the position of EOS block night keeper rather than EOS block beneficiary. As mentioned, we will serve the whole EOS community with all hearts and remind ourselves the identity of EOS community server to provide full support to the development of EOS ecology.

3. The ownership of EOS Zhizhu Pool

Zhizhu Pool is a subsidiary of Zhizhu Technology concentrating on blockchain node ecology construction, providing overall professional services of mining pool, mining machine transaction and trust with investments from Node Capital as well as Huobi Group. EOS Zhizhu Pool has been contributing to the EOS communities in a long term but not until now, we have made the decision to become EOS block producer. We hold the strong belief that we will bring great value to EOS community from perspectives of node service, technical import, as well as EOS value sharing, but the most important thing is that we believe EOS will bring great change to the whole blockchain industry and we would be hilarious to be part of it.

EOS Zhizhu Pool is committed to be professional EOS block producer, hereby to disclose the ownership information of EOS Zhizhu Pool.

Cheng Dong 60%
Wang Xianxiong 40%

We hope that with constant input of all kinds of resources, EOS will finally become a platform motivating by all kinds of commercial applications.

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